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Secure your home from Power Cuts with Battery Storage and Hybrid Solar Inverters

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We have recently completed multiple installs using the newly launched Any-grid inverter made by the German manufacturer, Phocos ( These inverters have a hybrid off grid/ on grid setup which allows you to export to the Grid like a regular on grid system under normal conditions, as well as supply backed up loads in the event of an outage through the batteries & Solar power. 

Most customers we have pitched to in the past always had a hard time understanding why an on grid inverter needed to be switched off in the event of a grid outage (anti-islanding protection), so this inverter can finally put that to rest. It can even operate without batteries, if needed.

This product checks a lot of others boxes as well - earlier AC coupled setups required two separate inverters - an off grid (similar to your regular home UPS) + an on grid inverter, which added significant cost, whereas this combines both into a single unit. Since it’s AC coupled internally, there are no need for short strings which saves DC wiring lengths and also no need for separate charge controllers on the battery side. It is also very compact, super lightweight and easy to install. However the constraint is that it is a single-phase unit to prevent load imbalances across the phases in off-grid mode.

Technically, this looks to be an ideal solution for Residential customers looking to avoid installing a Diesel Generator for backup - often there are constraints on space and homeowners often hesitate to have a noisy, pollution-emitting DG at their home. Other solutions from manufacturers like Studer Innotec (Swiss Inverter manufacturer) are also available.

Plant Specifications as shown below:

Panels - 4.2 kW REC Twinpeak 350 

Inverter - 5kVA Single Phase Phocos Anygrid Inverter

Batteries - 200Ah @ 48V - Exide Solatron Gel batteries (Maintenance-free)

It's really heartening to see more customers opting to pay the premiums for higher quality components (like REC panels, which are the best solar panels available in the Indian market). At Swan Energy we believe in offering the best components and exceptional post-sales service to ensure our clients peace of mind for a long time to come. To know more about Hybrid/ off-grid Solar plants, contact to schedule a free site visit and consultation with our team today!

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